4000 nurses together, what an experience!

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The Royal College ofNurses democracy in action – points of order, voting members and non-voting members,  electronic voting handsets which I didn’t know I needed…
Trouble with technology the radio waves interfering with the wifi so there was trouble with the electronic voting handsets 🙊

I discovered that my cognitive function is significantly impaired by 1/2 glass of wine 📉 when I’ve been nil by mouth after about 6hrs travelling and bag stuffing. The wine was free but I didn’t want any career defining moments whilst tipsy in the exhibition hall. 🍌

Freebies in the exhibition hall have to be of nominal value as nurses can’t be trusted not to be swayed by a free fob watch, stethoscope etc. so I have a collection of mainly pens… I like a nice pen ✒️

Fun and collaborative interdisciplinary working, stuffing bags in my yellow “here to help” t-shirt (Minion style –…

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#TOTW from Monday 15 Jun 2015: ‘Suicide dropped from sociology lessons’

Good evening!

Well, when it came to choosing a #TOTW from this week’s offerings it wasn’t too difficult and so here it is:

The new way to educate children about – remove it from the syllabus and don’t talk about it!

There was also a follow-up article later in the week:

to article earlier in the week…

If it was April 1st then I might have thought this an April Fool’s day article! Does the exam board really think that the way to deal with a sensitive subject is to not talk about it? I almost couldn’t believe it when I read it. The way to deal with topics such as suicide, abortion, racism, or anything else that might be thought of as sensitive, is for them to be discussed…sensitively! This is what teachers train to do and are responsible for. Let them get on with their job and allow them to educate in a manner that might one day result in a more understanding society, where people feel they can talk about such matters.

If you didn’t see these articles or hear about them, then please take a few minutes out to #GoLearn!

Have a good week!

Ben 🙂

#TOTW from 08-06-15 ‘Why letters _re dis_ppe_ring fr_m r__dsigns _r_und the UK’

Greetings – from the usual timeslot!

This week’s #TOTW is:

What a great campaign! My blood is ready and waiting when drag themselves into the 21st century!

This week saw the start of a great new campaign from NHS Blood and Transport for National Blood Week, by taking blood-type letters out of street signs, famous place names etc, “as part of a campaign urging people to donate desperately-needed blood.”

Desperately-needed blood eh? Well, it’s not so desperately-needed that they will change the rules in order to allow gay men to donate blood, unless that is we abstain from sex for a year! It really does frustrate, upset and indeed anger me that I am not allowed to donate my perfectly healthy blood just because I am gay. Seriously though, we are living in the 21st century aren’t we?! If so, would people who have influence please inform NHS Blood and Transport of this and we could start to rectify the chronic blood shortage in the UK.

This is a topic about which I will be tweeting/retweeting and blogging more of in the future, as it is an injustice I feel strongly enough about to get the message out there. Discrimination still exists in the UK based on sexual orientation. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age and NEEDS to change!

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read. Please reblog, retweet, share or do whatever you can to spread this message and hopefully in the not too distant future this is something that we can put an end to.


#TOTW (x7) #BritishSignLanguage from @BritishSignBSL


I know its later than usual due to coming off 4 long shifts and being ever so slightly tired last night, but this week (well, last week really!) I want to highlight my daily retweets of @BritishSignBSL’s sign of the day. I’ve always wanted to learn some basics of BSL, as I feel that even if I know a few things, it might be able to help me if and when I have a patient that is deaf. I feel that it’s important to make an effort.

Here were all last week’s signs of the day:

sugar chocolate exercise clothing doughnut art milk

I realise that knowing these things are unlikely to be able to help me in an x-ray examination of a patient, but if I manage to learn just a few things along the way then hopefully one day it may come in handy. I’d love to have the time to do a course on BSL, but what with other uni commitments at the minute, then I think that will have to wait for another day. In the meantime I will continue to follow @BritishSignBSL and learn one sign a day!

Come on, follow @BritishSignBSL and like me enjoy learning!

Ben 🙂

#TOTM from 10-05-15 “#SoR WEEK”

Hey, hey, hey!

Welcome to my very first #TOTM or as you have probably already guessed “Tweet Of The Month!” On the first day of each new month I will be selecting a tweet from the previous month that stands out for me as one of my favourites. It might be an existing #TOTW as in this case, it might be a favourite, or it might even be a tweet that after trawling through my month’s worth of tweets I re-discovered and felt it deserved a chance!

Anyways, here it is, my #TOTM from May:


I hope it gives you another opportunity to take a look at some of the great work that the Society of Radiographers and it’s members do. There are a growing number of us, along with other allied health professionals that are trying to make the most of social media to keep in touch and to share knowledge, whilst in the meantime having fun in the process!

Thanks for all your continued support. I hope you continue to get in touch, like, share, and follow me and my endeavours!

Here’s to June and all it brings…other than my 40th birthday that is!

Ben 🙂