#TOTW from 20-11-16 ‘#BodyImage – #BeReal’


It affects everyone – all ages, both sexes – and starts young.

My #TOTW for this week relates to the issue of #BodyImage and the #BeReal campaign to raise awareness about it:

“…It affects everyone – all ages, both sexes…” I’ve only heard ads talking about girls though 😔 @BeReal_Campaign http://www.berealcampaign.co.uk/the-campaign.html

Why is it then that all I have heard on the radio are ads talking about how difficult it is for girls with all the messages they are bombarded with from the media and advertising? Now admittedly these are ads from just one of the contributors to the campaign, but they are from the founding partner, and so I would have hoped that their ads would be more inclusive and a more accurate reflection of the BeReal campaign itself. As it says in the above quote form the BeReal website, the campaign talks about how both sexes are affected by issue relating to body image. Why is it then that the ads going out from the founding partner appear to be favouring the impact on girls rather than boys? Surely this is projecting the wrong image and is negating any good that the campaign may be doing by highlighting the issue? Don’t get me wrong, what the campaign is trying to highlight is great, but unless I have managed to miss any ads from this founding partner that direct the message toward boys as well as girls, then I feel the BeReal campaign may itself be sending out the wrong message about #BodyImage.

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#TOTW from 17-11-16: ‘#TellItRight Start it Right’


I think this one got lost amongst the others last week, and it’s an important message so for my #TOTW i’m putting it out there once more to give people another chance to see it:

We have resources & info for health professionals…just drop us a line & we can send out more ®

“Prospective parents have reported feeling pressurised into a termination when being given a very pessimistic view of the life chances of someone with Down’s syndrome.”

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#TOTW (x 15) #EandDWeek – Spotlight on Equality & Diversity


Well another week goes by and yet another feature week draws to a close. I have recently taken responsibility for equality and diversity (E&D) in our department at work and have also joined ‘Equalise’ – the Society and College of Radiographers group that oversees matters relating to E&D. I have always had an interest in such matters, but only more recently decided to take an active role in educating myself – and hopefully others on E&D. As my regular followers amongst you will know, I frequently post on LGBTI+ matters, but in this feature week I wanted to cover other areas including disability and deaf awareness. Now I could have a feature week for each of the areas – age, race, religion, disability, LGBTI+ etc and maybe at some point in the future I will. However, the purpose of this week was to shine a light on E&D and hopefully provide some interesting links for people to read. I hope I have succeeded!

As per at the end of a feature week, below is all the content relating to the feature – that being #EandDWeek with the focus of matters relating to equality and diversity:

  • The law as it stands expects a gay man to refrain from sex for a year before being allowed to donate blood. #Equality? 👎 #EandDWeek #LGBTI+ Huge thanks to @Mike_Fabricant for raising the “madness” that gay men cannot donate blood without 12 months celibacy in the House of Commons
  • To abuse a person due to their race, colour, religion or sexuality is a #HateCrime. Simple as that 😔 #NoPlaceForHate #EandDWeek @SCoRMembers It’s #HateCrimeAwarenessWeek. Find out more about #hatecrime and how to report it: https://www.gov.uk/report-hate-crime #NoPlaceForHate
  • (2/2) Covered this pm were possible motions for the Annual Delegates Conference next April. ADC here I come! 👍@SCoRMembers #EandDWeek
  • (1/2) @SCoRMembers #equalityanddiversity mtg over – a really interesting & productive one it was too! 👍Thanks to @peterhiggs5 #EandDWeek
  • Topics covered so far at the meeting include the @SCoRMembers transgender guide, FGM, & mgmt awareness of #equalityanddiversity #EandDWeek
  • Meeting of Equalise – the @SCoRMembers group looking at matters relating to #equalityanddiversity is now in session! 👍☺️ #EandDWeek
  • On a 🚄 waiting to depart at 0600hrs London-bound for a meeting on equality & diversity with fellow @SCoRMembers #BetterBeGood! 😂  #EandDWeek
  • Tomorrow brings a new feature week, focussing on matters relating to equality & diversity. It shall be known as #EandDWeek 👍@SCoRMembers


Until the next feature week then, please as ever…


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October #4PUF


Here we are again and time for another #4PUF4 Previously Untweeted Favourites:-

(4/4) Do you know what #psoriasis is? Follow @PsoriasisUK to find out more 👍 #4PUF We’re here and ready to go on day two of #RCGPAC with lots of info about #psoriasis. GPs – Come and say hi 😊 @rcgppsoriasis

(3/4) Amazing graphics – as always – from @smizz (student rad of the year!) that demonstrate how easy #CPD *can* be! 😂 @SCoRMembers #4PUF @smizz presenting at @SHU_IPE a different way to produce reflective evidence. #SHUIPEsmizz

(2/4) “stop looking for definitive answers and let your #gender run wild and free.” Interesting read 👍 #LGBTI+ #GenderIdentity #4PUF “Being confused is one of the biggest things (for me) about being non-binary.” writes Vivian: http://beyondthebinary.co.uk/being-not-being/


(1/4) Simple message really 👍 #NotAllWoundsAreVisible #MentalHealth #EndTheStigma #4PUF Not all wounds are visible, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Great art about #mentalillness by @hammolouwounds

Thats ya lot for last month! Tune in again same time next month to see November’s selection of #4PUF!


Ben 🙂