#TOTW (18-02-2015) ‘Interesting article regarding attitude of Dutch doctors to Assisted Dying…’

Good evening!

I’d like to kick off this week by thanking all my new followers – 14 this week I think! If I can manage to keep up this rate on average, then I might even make 600 never mind 500 followers by the end of the year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As for this week’s #TOTW, well I make no apologies for returning to a topic that I often tweet about…that of assisted dying:

Interesting article regarding attitude of Dutch doctors to *READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!*

I keep coming back to this topic, as I don’t think there are many more important topics in one’s life than how and when one would like to die, and that’s just my point. I believe it should be our choice as to when we want to shuffle off this mortal coil. This is a conversation we should all be having with our loved ones…NOW…not when it’s too late and we’re not able to convey our views as to how and when we should be switched off, injected with a lethal dose of something, or whatever method is most suitable!

Read the article – all the way to the end – then talk this through with those around you. Please share this with your friends and colleagues, and let’s spread the word! The best way to get over the issues that people have with assisted dying (and to dispel many of the myths that surround it) is to get it out into the open and to talk about it, and not to be embarrassed or afraid to.

Go on…you can do it!


“Hi hunny i’m home!”

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the wonderful world of radiographerben! Have you missed me? Go on…..you can say…I won’t be offended! What….not even a teensy-weensy-ickle bit!? I knew it!

Oh well, here I am again after a 4 week break from mini-blogging. I’ve been away on holiday and working night shifts, so have been tweeting a little less often too…which is probably no bad thing! As you may have already noticed I passed the 2000 tweet mark earlier today, but I think that for this year I will try to go for the “less is more” method of tweeting…you may be pleased to hear!

Anyways, for my #TOTW return I have chosen a really good tweet from earlier in the week:

RT Please look out for signs your friends might be unhappy or overwhelmed on . PLS RT!

It’s from YoundMinds, a charity concerned about the mental health of young people. Having said that however, I think when you’ve watched the short video, you’ll agree that this is applicable to people of all ages! Nothing more important than keeping an eye on your friends and being there for them when they need you 🙂

Short and sweet. Hope you agree with the sentiment of the video and feel happy to share it with your friends!

It’s good to be back!

Ben 🙂