#TOTW from Monday 15 Jun 2015: ‘Suicide dropped from sociology lessons’

Good evening!

Well, when it came to choosing a #TOTW from this week’s offerings it wasn’t too difficult and so here it is:

The new way to educate children about – remove it from the syllabus and don’t talk about it!

There was also a follow-up article later in the week:

to article earlier in the week…

If it was April 1st then I might have thought this an April Fool’s day article! Does the exam board really think that the way to deal with a sensitive subject is to not talk about it? I almost couldn’t believe it when I read it. The way to deal with topics such as suicide, abortion, racism, or anything else that might be thought of as sensitive, is for them to be discussed…sensitively! This is what teachers train to do and are responsible for. Let them get on with their job and allow them to educate in a manner that might one day result in a more understanding society, where people feel they can talk about such matters.

If you didn’t see these articles or hear about them, then please take a few minutes out to #GoLearn!

Have a good week!

Ben 🙂


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