#TOTW (from: 24-09-14) ‘Just what is ageing and how can we change it?’

This week I return to a topic that threads it’s way through most of my tweets in some way shape or form – ageing. I happened across this new website for starters – ‘The Conversation’- and an interesting article by a guy called Joao Pedro de Magalhaes.

So this week’s #TOTW is:

‘Just what is #ageing and how can we change it? @ConversationUK #JoaoPedrodeMagalhaes http://theconversation.com/ageing-isnt-fixed-we-can-manipulate-it-to-live-longer-31808 …’

He talks about the different stages of ageing and how we are manipulating the process to increase longevity.

Well worth a read…and a watch of the short (5 mins) video!



#TOTW (from: 18-09-14) ‘Travelling home from…’

Hello again!

This week I’ve been on a course just outside Birmingham, and so as you may have noticed it’s been a relatively “light” week as far as tweeting goes! It does however, mean that this week’s #TOTW is:

Travelling home from the course just outside Birmingham. Great course *and* got to meet some really nice people!

The course was an induction for becoming a Union Learning Representative, which I am in my department at Aintree University Hospital. I had such a great time meeting fellow radiographers, both diagnostic and therapeutic. It was also great to meet a number of officers from the Society, particularly Kevin Tucker, Louise Coleman and Sue Johnson. We were shown how to use tools that will enable us to record our continued professional development (CPD), and how to promote the benefits of this to our management and more importantly to our members.

One of the main things that I took from the course was that CPD needs to be done in bite-size chunks. It’s not just a nice thing to do, but a necessity for our professional registration. I’m one of those types that puts things off until I feel i’ve got enough time to complete a task. It’s not possible! So, I need to learn to break CPD up into smaller bite-size chunks and to record it regularly.

So, if you’re a radiographer and *NOT* currently a member of the SCoR, then please, please, please take a look at the website and give it some serious consideration. If you *ARE* already, then I hope you are taking advantage of the great benefits that stem from being a member of your professional body!


That’s all folks!

#TOTW (from 12-09-14): ‘It’s not just women that suffer from Eating Disorders’


Apologies for the lack of weekly updates these last couple of weekends, but i’ve been away on my summer break. Normal service can now be resumed! As i’ve been on my holidays I haven’t been tweeting as much, as some of the places i’ve been to have had either poor reception or no Wi-Fi! I’m glad to say i’m now well and truly back in the land of both 4G and decent Wi-Fi!

This week’s #TOTW was easily chosen, due to the response it provoked on my Twitter feed. Lots of retweets, which I always take as a sign that people are interested in the subject matter and want to share it with their followers:

It’s not just women that suffer from

It’s a subject close to my heart as I have known friends – male friends included – that suffered from Bulimia.

I don’t know a huge amount about it to be honest, but I would ask that you take the time to read the above article that appeared in The Telegraph this week, that tells the story of both Andrew Flintoff and Sam Thomas. Within the article above is a link to the full article about Andrew Flintoff and his battle with the disease. The comment introduces Sam Thomas the founder of MGEDT (Men Get Eating Disorders Too) who said:

“It’s seen as a weakness and a female thing, and there are many men who wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about their disorders. There’s a sense of shame and a fear of not being taken seriously.”

By talking about it here in my blog, hopefully it will help to educate those of you  – like myself – that might not know a lot about this, and to be aware of the warning signs for friends and relatives of yours that may need help.

It’s good to be back online…see you next week!