“End #Gender?”


Have you seen H&M’s new jumper? I tried one on today fully intending to buy one as I think it’s a pretty cool idea. However, it didn’t fit very well so I decided agin. Anyways, that’s not the point. Like I said in a tweet earlier this week, some of you may feel that I post rather a lot about gender and you’d be spot on, I do.

I don’t, as the title of my blog asks want to “end gender,” as that would be a pretty futile ambition. What I’m trying to do by posting as much as I do is to raise awareness of gender, and the fact it is not the binary concept that most of us are brought-up to believe. There are many people far more qualified than I able to give you a more comprehensive explanation of gender as being on a spectrum. My aim is merely to highlight this to you and hope that you might be interested enough to further your knowledge and understanding of the gender spectrum.

I will continue to post on a regular basis on all matters relating to gender and gender identity in the hope that I manage to raise peoples’ awareness of the subject matter. As I myself become more gender-aware, I hope that it will improve my understanding and help me provide the best possible care for my patients and also the ability to support friends who happen to be somewhere on the spectrum, just not maybe at either end where society would like to place them.

To those who read my posts, thank you. Changing peoples’ perception and understanding of a concept that is so ingrained in society and culture is no mean feat. It is something that will take time, and many more posts from people like myself who are interested in opening peoples’ minds to the incredibly complex and far from binary concept that is gender.