#SigningSaturday 13-01-18

Howdee folks!

It’s week 2 of the new & improved (hopefully!) #SigningSaturday! Last week we asked “what’s your name?” & so this week we ask “how are you?” Go on, give it a try! #hellomynameis #GetTheNationSigning #Fun2Sign @SCoRMembers @WeAHPs

Until the next time…

Ben 👍


#SigningSaturday 06-01-18

Hey there folks!

It’s a new year and so time for a new approach to #SigningSaturday! I’m going to try and teach you something useful, rather than random stuff that I’m up to 👍 Starting with “Hello my name is…What’s your name?” #hellomynameis #GetTheNationSigning #Fun2Sign @SCoRMembers @WeAHPs

I hope that all who follow me continue to do so in the coming year and that there may be some newcomers to the fold!

Here’s to 2018 and all who sail in her!