#TOTW from 20-10-15 ‘How can we solve the Organ Donation shortage?’


How is everybody this week then? I’ve just come off 4 long days so i’ve not much to say this week! However, there was one of my tweets that I don’t think got the coverage it deserves and so my #TOTW this time round is:

How can we solve the shortage?

We would all like to think that if and when the times comes that we might need a donor organ, there would be one readily available for us. This is of course far from the truth unfortunately. However, as you will be able to see from this article there are things that could be done to help alleviate the organ donor shortage. Read on to find out more!

That’s your lot for this week, see you next week!

Ben 🙂


10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Stigmatizing People With Mental Illness

What a great blog! I’ve been meaning to take a look at this for weeks now, and am glad I took the time to do so! It might take you about 10 minutes to read, but it would be a really great use of your time. If you also blog or tweet then please, please, please share this with as many of your friends and followers as possible and lets all do our bit to #EndTheStigma!


I normally post online about Muppets, coffee, musicals and cats, (not Cats the musical, the furry-animal-kind) but recently all I’ve been posting about is the Kenneth Cole billboard that links mental illness and gun violence. Why? #1 Because it perpetuates mental illness stigma. #2 The effects of that stigma are devastating.

Yes, I am now on a tireless quest to get people to understand why the billboard basically ate my soul when I saw it. CRUNCH! Don’t worry- I recovered my soul, undamaged. Souls are really durable.

I posted a blog critiquing the billboard on Facebook which was mostly ignored.. (got maybe 2 likes) I’ve had friends say, “What’s wrong with the billboard again?” I got 318 likes on another post.. but that one was about my hair. :/

Believe me, I miss my tweets about Kermit and the keyboard cat, too, but for now I need to focus…

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#TOTW from 14-10-15 ‘Experience: I am in constant pain’ – Fibromyalgia


How does this time of the week come around so quickly?! This week I have chosen a topic that many people will probably not have heard of before, so my #TOTW is:

People that suffer from don’t necessarily look ill, that doesn’t mean they aren’t though!

If you have heard of the condition before then great, if not please take the time to have a quick look at this link and see if you can learn a little bit about how much people can suffer from something that is not always visible to the outside world. This is in some way similar to people that have mental health issues to endure. Just because an illness is not visible, or on display to the outside world does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Just because someone doesn’t have an arm in a sling or a leg in plaster, isn’t to say that they cannot be suffering. Please think about that in future before suggesting that someone is “trying it on” or is making things up.

If just one person that didn’t previously know what fibromyalgia is clicks on the link above and gains a greater understanding of those who are affected by it, then the time it has take me to throw together this quick blog entry will have been time well spent. Of course if you wish to learn even more about fibromyalgia, or FM as it is commonly referred to then you could always take a look at the link below too:


Thanks for taking the time to get this far; I hope you’ve learned something!


Ben 🙂

#TOTW from 08-10-15 ‘Consent is not something to be regarded as optional – it is not’


Hi, my name’s Ben. I’m one of the radiographers and i’ll be taking your X-rays today. Is that OK?

That’s how I greet pretty much each and every one of my patients. It tells them who I am; what my role is; what i’ll be doing and most importantly of all, seeks their permission to proceed with the examination. Whether it’s “just” a chest X-ray or an examination that requires me to touch them in areas that most people would reasonably consider their personal space, gaining consent is an essential part of my role as a qualified health professional. It is not something I do because it’s nice, courteous and reasonable to do, but moreover it is required by the codes of conduct of The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) of which I am a member, and also the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) with whom I am registered as an allied healthcare professional.

The reason for me telling you all this, is because of the tweet I have chosen as my #TOTW:

is not something to be regarded as optional – it is not

If you’re interested to find out more, then take a look at the link and watch the short video to see what its all about. As I tell all the students that we teach, introducing yourself and gaining consent is a necessity, not just a nicety!

Until the next time…


#TOTW from 28-09-15 “Do you know what Endometriosis is?”


Being on nights I didn’t tweet as much last week, but the one I do want to highlight as my #TOTW is:

Do you know what is? If not,

I’d heard of endometriosis before, but didn’t actually know what is was or quite how debilitating it can be. If you’re a guy and in the same position as me – having heard about it but only knowing as much as it’s related to “women’s troubles,” then take a look at this article and #GoLearn!

October already…how did we get to it so soon?!

Ben 🙂

September #TOTM from 13-09-15 “#TOTW (x13!) Assisted Dying Week”


A little late due to me being on nights this last week, but there was only really one candidate for the title of September’s #TOTM and here it is:


I don’t really need to say anything else, as it’s all in the link!

If you didn’t catch it at the time then take a look now and see what it was all about!

Ben 🙂