#TOTW from 11-05-16 ‘#Selfharm: The 7 myths that need busting’


Choosing a #TOTW this week wasn’t straightforward, as i’ve tweeted about several really interesting topics. However, I decided to devote this weekly slot to self-harm and the two tweets relating to that:

(1/2) “Self-harm is officially one of the biggest killers for young adults in the UK.”

(2/2) “It was a relief. I translated all the emotional pain to something physical.”

The links above contain some really useful information on the topic and the issues around it. For example, one of the myths the first article highlights is that those who self-harm do it for the attention. Rachel Welch, the founder of Freedom From Harm states:

 “There’s a dangerous perception that people who self-harm do it purely for attention.” She goes on to say, “firstly, it’s not always the case, and secondly, there’s nothing wrong with that. “We all need attention. It’s not necessarily a negative thing. If someone’s doing this to get noticed then something’s gone fundamentally wrong and they need that attention and help.”

Click on the links to learn more about self-harm. Not only might you learn something, you might also be able to help others dispel some of the myths around it.

As always, please #ShareAndLearn, or should that really be #LearnandShare? You get the gist!

Ben 🙂


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