#TOTW from 18-05-16 ‘A&E and mental health’


As many of you may be aware, this week has been Mental Health Awareness Week or #MHAW16. The majority of my tweets have been in support of this, and I have chosen one such tweet for my #TOTW because I feel it got lost amongst all the others and didn’t get the airtime it deserves:

“patients with issues have historically not always had a good experience in A&E”  http://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/2016/may/17/accident-and-emergency-mental-health-crisis

The associate director of acute and urgent care at Birmingham and Solihull mental health NHS foundation trust, Mary Elliffe said:

“There’s been a feeling that people with mental health issues have no right to be there.”

Apart from that being utter tosh, it’s just pretty sad that some people might have those views in this day and age. Mental Health is as equally important as physical health, and so why wouldn’t a patient suffering from an acute episode of bad mental health have the right to go to A&E and be seen to in much the same way as a patient that has gone over their ankle on a drunken night out and hurt themselves? Of course they do, and the schemes above which place mental health teams in A&E departments simply must be the way forward to improve mental health care for the acutely unwell.

Take care folks!

Ben 🙂

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