April #4PUF


A little later than normal, but here for the record…

(1/4) Something to bear in mind given the up and coming #GE17 👏 #EqualityandInclusion #4PUF “Yesterday, @TheGreenParty passed the Intersex Rights motion! #GPConf #Greens2017 #Intersex #PassedByConference”


(2/4) Short n’ sweet but a positive message all the same! #4PUF “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ― Aesop


(3/4) “Education, education, education!” 👍 What do you know about #HIV transmission? #4PUF “A lot of people in the UK don’t have up-to-date knowledge about #HIV transmission. You can’t pass on HIV in any of these ways:”hiveducation

(4/4) “this particular emergency service also saves lives on a daily basis” Like paramedics, I believe these folks do an amazing job! #4PUF “Don’t miss this from our blog – #socialwork: the emergency service that should be celebrated, not demonised”





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