#TOTW (from: 12/10/14) ‘Northern Ireland abortion law: public consultation on proposed changes’

This week’s #TOTW I chose simply because I am currently doing a lot of reading in and around the topic of abortion for my first uni assignment and I happened across this:

‘Northern Ireland law: public consultation on proposed changes

Abortion laws being different over in Northern Ireland than in other parts of the UK, I thought this was an interesting piece on the possibility of the Northern Ireland Government changing the law to allow abortion under certain circumstances, namely that of the unborn foetus having a lethal abnormality, or in cases of pregnancy that result from rape.

This is rather an emotive subject, and one which I am “enjoying” reading about and learning the different viewpoints both for and against allowing abortion to take place. I don’t as of yet really have an opinion on the matter, other than that which I have picked up over the years, mostly from the media. Having never studied the subject before I don’t feel able to agree or disagree with the rights and or wrongs of abortion. Suffice as to say, I think that it is the kind of matter that needs some reasoned knowledge before an opinion is given.

As i’m learning on my uni course, it’s all very well to say you agree or disagree with something – in this case abortion – but to be taken seriously, then you really need to have the reasons behind why you have a particular stance when looking at the ethics of something like this. So, if you don’t really know anything about abortion, other than what you have “learned” from the media, then take a look at this piece and maybe do a bit of research into the subject matter yourself!

Go on…you might learn something…I certainly am doing!


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