Longitude Prize 2014 – Vote now!!!

How to chose? With all 6 of the “challenges” – Food, Paralysis, Dementia, Flight, Antibiotics and Water – being worthy of further financial investment, how do you possibly choose between them? How about *YOU* invest just under an hour of your time and then make your mind up!

Personally for me, it’s between Dementia and Antibiotics, though I haven’t actually decided yet! You may feel that £10 millions won’t make much of a difference to any of the above, given their magnitude. However, I feel that it’s more about getting people involved in deciding which of the projects they feel is deserving of the investment. Better to have at least some element of public involvement, rather than it being decided by others on our behalf. Who knows, the entrant that wins this year’s Longitude Prize and receives the £10 millions award may go on to discover new treatments, processes or technology that turn out to be as revolutionary as that produced by John Harrison, a clockmaker and winner of the very first Longitude Prize:


Voting closes at 19.10hrs on June 25, 2014 so please, please, please get involved and VOTE NOW!