TOTW (x3!) Transgender children


This week saw the start of a new daily programme in the mornings on BBC2 – Victoria Derbyshire. One featured a really good interview with a couple of transgender children:

(1) *VIDEO* (<15mins) Really interesting & informative interview by with children

Later in the week there was an article in The Telegraph about how parents do/could/should react to issues around transgender children:

(2)  to interview ‘How should parents react when children question their gender roles?’

Another really good article appeared in The Independent, from a mother about the abuse she suffered as a result of allowing her child to be themselves:

(3) If I had refused to listen to my trans daughter then it’s very likely I would have a dead son

I just wanted to use the opportunity of my weekly TOTW to draw together these 3 tweets on an issue that raises quite a lot of emotions from those who do not know much about transgender issues. If you’re one of those people, then please take the time to check out these links and learn a little about the pressures that both the children and parents go through when a child grows up in the wrong body.

It’s not a fad. It’s not trendy. It’s real.