#TOTW from 08-06-16 ‘Addiction – is it a disease?’


Well, what a great week this has been. #UKRC2016 was brilliant. Not just just an opportunity to meet up with fellow #SoMe types, but also it got me re-enthused about the possibilities for future research in radiography. There will be a blog to follow in the next week or so on that matter!

As for this week, i’ve already blogged about #UKRC2016 which was my highlight, but there was a tweet that I think didn’t get seen by many and i’d like to give it another chance, so my #TOTW is :

“the disease label continues to simplify our conceptualization of an extremely messy issue.”  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/07/addiction-not-disease-science-stigma

I don’t know enough about the subject to give a reasoned opinion, but by sharing this again I hope that more people will get to read it and gain a greater understanding about addiction.

Over to you!


Ben 🙂




Hey, hey, hey!

Can you guess where i’ve been today then? Seeing as i’ve tweeted quite a few times throughout the day about it then i’m sure those that also follow me on Twitter will be well aware i’ve spent the day in Liverpool at the United Kingdom Radiological Congress, otherwise referred to as #UKRC2016:


What a great day its been! From sitting down at 0810hrs to listen to speakers talk about the latest techniques and protocols in trauma radiology, to why and how we can improve the standing of the radiography profession through research. I thoroughly enjoyed the day looking at all the posters and attending the talks. There is just so much to learn and take back to my department! Below you will find all my tweets from today, and as the first one shows, the highlight of the day for me was meeting one of my fellow #SoMe type people @jstjohnmatthews, or Janice, as she is indeed more than just a Twitter handle now!

The whole day has just got me totally pumped up and enthusiastic about doing so many things. I’m realistic enough to know that I won’t get stuck into all of them, but at least I have no excuses as to not having things to be getting on with – now that i’ve completed my postgrad!

I just have to decide where to begin!


Ben 🙂

Home after a great day ! Highlight has to be meeting up with ukrc_home


Last session of the day ‘Where’s the evidence – research…’ ukrc_lastsession


Here we go! Professional use of ukrc_SoMe


in ukrc_EI


Next up is ‘Education development & controversies’ to see talk about

Oh well, coffee on the go and off to in RM3B Anyone else going to this one?

Hi ho! hi ho! It’s off to I go! Hopefully to meet up with some of my fellow types!