#TTT #14TW and #TOTW – What do they all mean?

Since creating my blog, I haven’t really had the opportunity to start blogging :-/ I have, however, been tweeting profusely – as you may have noticed! I have introduced a few regular “slots” in my tweeting schedule and I thought it might be a good idea to give a short explanation here of what they all are:

  • #TTT or ‘TED Talk Tuesday’

This was the first of the slots I created in order to be able to share with you a TED Talk (relating to the fields of medicine, healthcare, science and such like) each and every Tuesday.

  • #14TW or ‘One For The Weekend’

The second of the regular slots is an opportunity for me to share with you something totally unrelated to the subject matters of my regular tweets. It could be either an article, video, audio, or anything that is of interest to me, and hopefully to you too! It’s meant for a bit of fun and will give you an idea of the things that interest me outside of my profession. Most likely to be posted on a Friday or a Saturday.

  • #TOTW or ‘Tweet Of The Week’

The latest (and probably the last) of my regular weekly tweets is the chance for me to share again with you the tweet which for me was the highlight of my week, for one reason or another. This will be posted on a Sunday.