#TOTW from 11-08-16 ‘#itsoktotalk’


Well, what a week last week was with the Olympics?! Most of my tweets were Rio-related, but one that wasn’t, got lost, so here it is again:

“Try to talk, it’s not weak whatsoever to talk.” https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/aug/10/luke-ambler-itsokaytotalk-halve-male-suicides

“On average, 12 men killed themselves every day in 2014. Ambler believes that many had nowhere to speak about their issues without fear of being chastised or judged for having mental health problems.”

This is a truly horrific statistic.

This week’s message is simple. Guys…#itsoktotalk, so please do! Remember, “Try to talk, it’s not weak whatsoever to talk.”




#4PUF – What’s it all about?


Happy Bank Holiday to those of you in the UK, and just happy Monday to those of you who aren’t!

Those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook might have seen that I retweeted a number of tweets this morning. At or near the end of each month I pick one tweet that I have liked from each week of the month and retweet them with the hashtag #4PUF4 Previously Untweeted Favourites. Now of course Twitter went and changed favourites to Likes, but hey…i’m not changing my hashtag! LOL!

Here are last months #4PUFs:

Proud to support – the campaign for LGBT inclusive sex education

about . Still working hard to reduce . Download our free for info & tips xgrassroots

: Just 3% of total govt health spending worldwide is for

All I want for my birthday is awareness PLEASE RTpancreatic

As you can see, the topics I like/favourite are pretty much the ones I tweet and blog about. There are just so many good articles out there its impossible to read/retweet/like them all!

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Ben 🙂


#TOTW from 10-12-15 ‘From teaching suicide prevention to being on suicide watch’


How is everyone this week? Fine and dandy I hope? I realise however, that people are not always in the best of mental health, and so I wanted to highlight a ‘good news’ story this week about a charity by sharing the following again as my #TOTW:

Really interesting piece about a suicide respite centre

I posted the other week about a cafe where people suffering from mental health problems could go for help and support, rather than ending up in their local A&E department. This week, there is the article above that tells the story of a charity-run suicide respite centre, The Maytree in North London. Here the charity provides a safe place, help and support for those who have got to the point that they feel there is no alternative than to contemplate suicide.

Take a look at the article and I would hope you would agree that there should be many more such centres all over the country, and not just funded by charities. This type of support should – in my opinion – be provided by the state, and as part of an integrated approach by the government to tackle the mental as well as physical health of those who need it most.

Just saying.


#TOTW (from: 08-12-14) “Be careful what you say to people.”

Short, but maybe not so sweet #TOTW this week. I’ve chosen a retweet from @MrJonnyBenjamin who has been recording his thoughts/feelings as he deals with his mental health problems:

RT from I’ve been vlogging everything in my ‘recoverlogs’ to help others going on the same journey

It comprises a link to 8 short videos, or ‘vlogs’ in which he talks openly about what he is going through. Some might ask why is he doing this, but he seems to me that he’s doing it in order to help both himself and others who may be experiencing similar such issues.

The clip I found most interesting, and the one from which I took the title of this update is the 4th one in the series ‘The Cause of the Problem.’ In it he describes where his problems all started, with what appeared to be a throw-away comment from a friend. Hence, his message, “be careful what you say to people.” If you watch only one of the clips, then watch this one.

If you’re interested to learn a bit more about Jonny, then simply enter his name into a search engine and you’ll find plenty of links about him. You can follow him on Twitter on @MrJonnyBenjamin.