#TOTW from 10-11-2015 ‘Why should disability have a face?’


Another week has zoomed by and here I am again! I have finally got round to uploading a profile pic – after just over 18 months of setting up the site!

As for my #TOTW, I have chosen an audio clip from a guy called Ste Walker:

‘Why should disability have a face?’

It’s less than 2 minutes long, so please make an effort to have a listen as it is a really good little piece on how we judge people from their looks, and if they look OK, then everything in their life must be peachy, right? Obviously not! In this piece Ste is referring to his physical health and the fact that because he looks well to those around him they think he *IS* well. This could equally be said of people who suffer from mental health issues, where because there are often no visible signs of ill-health people assume good health, so like Ste says in the piece:

‘Why should disability have a face?’

Answers on a postcard – or comment – to…