#TOTM from 02-08-15 ‘Radiographers and #SoMe’

Here we are again folks!

I’m on holiday in Edinburgh for a few days, so it’s a very short #TOTM this time round! I’ve had a trawl through my tweets from August and decided this one to be my favourite!

#TOTW (x3) Radiographers and #SoMe | radiographerben


For me it just sums up the current buzz around the use of #SoMe by radiographers and other allied health professionals. This year has seen an explosion in it’s use, with exciting developments such as the introduction of #MedRadJClub, a truly international online journal club for radiographers.

Oh well, it’s time to head off to Harvey Nicks for a cocktail. I’m a firm believer in the importance of quality downtime when off duty!




#TOTW (x3) Radiographers and #SoMe


This week I couldn’t decide on one specific #TOTW so have selected 3:

#TipsForNewRads – 10 things to know for theatre radiography

Using Social Media to Effectively Publish Radiography Evidence Based Practice

Calling all “newbie” radiographers! Check out from radiographers all over the world!

Now ok, so I know one one of them is my own, but i’m not just blowing my own trumpet here, its all the other trumpets that are out there at the minute too – thats my point! This week has been great to show the power and ability of #SoMe, not only to connect radiographers all over the globe, but to disseminate education, training, and tips amongst ourselves and the next generation of rads!

The links above are self-explanatory and appear to have been gone down well. It goes to show that there are plenty of us #TweetingRads out there already – a number that is growing by the day! If we can engage the current crop of student radiographers and get them enthused enough to use #SoMe during their training, then hopefully they will carry this through to when they qualify. I’m still a relative “newbie” to radiography myself, only having qualified 3 years ago. However, I feel that i’ve already picked up enough along the way, both in training and since qualifying, to start sharing what I think students need to know i.e. the stuff that I never saw in a textbook!

The more radiographers that take up the challenge to embrace #SoMe and the benefits it can bring to both personal and the collective CPD of our profession the better!

Lets’ see what this next week brings! That’s part of the excitement of it all, as you don’t know which tweets/updates are going to fly high or which fall flat!

Come on, ENGAGE!

Ben 🙂

#TOTW (x21!) Yep, you guessed it…”#SoRWEEK”

Hello, good evening and welcome” (to quote the late, great Sir David Frost) …to the second feature week on radiographerben.

It has been – for those of you that hadn’t already noticed – #SoRWEEK. Last week, for the first time, I decided to have a feature week, and kicked it all off with #NHSWEEK. The idea of a theme to base my tweeting around was, or at least, appeared to me, to be fairly well-received, and so I decided to go straight into another feature week…lucky you!

I decided to choose my own professional body, and to base this last week’s tweets around the work of the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR). I could have tweeted many more times than I did, however, I didn’t want to go overboard (whether I succeeded or failed in this, please let me know!) I wanted to get across what the SCoR does and the varied work and research that it is involved in. I hope I also succeeded in this aim!?

Here for your delectation – and future use (hopefully!) is the complete list of the week that was #SoRWEEK:

1. Do you know? What is radiography? Who are radiographers?

2. Here’s another chance to see my blog entry “A Day in the Life of…” This is what we do!

3. OK, so this doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s handy! ‘New feature for SoR document library

4. Radiography, 21(1), Feb 2015, 11-15, ‘Radiology responsibilities post NPSA guidelines for nasogastric tube insertion

5. Great to see that ‘SoR to tackle issues

6. (1/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 108-109, ‘Editorial: Radiography research as a global community

7. (2/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 141-145, ‘The introduction, deployment and impact of assistant practitioners in..’

8. (3/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 146-149, ‘An exploration of adolescents’ perceptions of X-ray examinations’

9. I&TP, May 2015, 27-30, ‘Missed opportunities? Chest x-ray quality: The implications for early lung cancer diagnosis

10. , May 2015, 18-19, ‘SCoR launches new three-year strategy Available online to at

11. (1/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 160-164, ‘Student radiographers’ attitudes toward the older patient

12. (2/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 165-171, ‘The Radiographer’s multidisciplinary team role in theatre scenarios’

13. (3/3) Radiography, 21(2), May 2015, 188-196, ‘AP vs PA … in lumbar spine CR: Image quality & individual organ doses

14. Get involved and have *YOUR* say as consults on ethics and conduct

15. Want to learn for free? Go to ‘e-LfH launches new learning system

16. Read this great blog about how we should start to tell the future generation about and our profession: RT : Today on the blog – Inspiring a Future Generation of Radiographers

17. (1/2) Radiography, 21(1), Feb 2015, 47-53, ‘A taxonomy of anatomical & pathological entities to support commenting…

18. (2/2) Radiography, 21(1), Feb 2015, 3-6, ‘Protocols & guidelines for mobile chest radiography in Irish…hospitals’

19. As comes to an end, I want to highlight the work my radiotherapy colleagues and their work

20. (1/2) encore! Another great article to mention and available online to in Radiography Vol 21(2)

21. (2/2) May 2015, e74–e80 ‘Social media: The next frontier for professional development in radiography

Now then, I could write a piece about each tweet, but that would make for an exceptionally long blog, and as I hope you’d know by now, that’s not my thing! Having said that, this is the longest to date I believe! However, I hope you will find it a useful resource. I also hope that you have enjoyed this last week as much as I have. It’s been great to shine a light on the work that my professional body is involved in, and to help educate people as to what it is we radiographers do!

I would really appreciate any feedback (for those of you that have made it to the end of this blog and are actually reading this bit!) as one of the main things I have enjoyed the most this week has been the interaction with my followers and fellow healthcare professionals. It’s great that we can use social media to connect with people all over the world and use it to share our experiences and knowledge. I truly believe it is a tool that we as radiographers, and other healthcare professionals, can use to enhance not only the knowledge of our own subject, but also to educate the wider public as to the work we do.

Thanks again to all those who have made the effort to get this far, and to those of you that helped make this last week, the most successful week on social media since I “created” radiographerben last year!

Please keep following and interacting with me…it’s the best bit!