December 2016 #4PUF


As per usual, here is my #4PUF selection for the month just past:

(4/4) This would also help radiographers justify requests! The more info you give, the easier it is to justify them! @SCoRMembers #4PUF “PLEASE Referring clinicians, put all the clinical history on your imaging requests!! It can make such a difference when we report them!”


(3/4) To quote a former Prime Minister, “Education, education, education.” #LGBTI+ #4PUF “95% of young people don’t learn about LGBT relationships at school. That’s simply not good enough.”

(2/4) Do you think you might be able to help someone and #EndLoneliness? #befriending @age_uk @TheSilverLineUK #4PUF “We loved meeting Roy this morning: he’s been suffering from loneliness since his wife died but an @Age_UK befriending service has helped…”

(1/4) Take a look at this #WhereIsDisfigurement campaign from @FaceEquality #EqualityandInclusion #4PUF “Yesterday we launched our #WhereIsDisfigurement campaign. Have you taken a look yet?”

That’s your lot for 2016 folks – more #4PUFs to follow in the coming year!

Thanks for reading, watching and listening!



#4PUF – What’s it all about?


Happy Bank Holiday to those of you in the UK, and just happy Monday to those of you who aren’t!

Those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook might have seen that I retweeted a number of tweets this morning. At or near the end of each month I pick one tweet that I have liked from each week of the month and retweet them with the hashtag #4PUF4 Previously Untweeted Favourites. Now of course Twitter went and changed favourites to Likes, but hey…i’m not changing my hashtag! LOL!

Here are last months #4PUFs:

Proud to support – the campaign for LGBT inclusive sex education

about . Still working hard to reduce . Download our free for info & tips xgrassroots

: Just 3% of total govt health spending worldwide is for

All I want for my birthday is awareness PLEASE RTpancreatic

As you can see, the topics I like/favourite are pretty much the ones I tweet and blog about. There are just so many good articles out there its impossible to read/retweet/like them all!

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Ben 🙂


TOTW (x3!) Transgender children


This week saw the start of a new daily programme in the mornings on BBC2 – Victoria Derbyshire. One featured a really good interview with a couple of transgender children:

(1) *VIDEO* (<15mins) Really interesting & informative interview by with children

Later in the week there was an article in The Telegraph about how parents do/could/should react to issues around transgender children:

(2)  to interview ‘How should parents react when children question their gender roles?’

Another really good article appeared in The Independent, from a mother about the abuse she suffered as a result of allowing her child to be themselves:

(3) If I had refused to listen to my trans daughter then it’s very likely I would have a dead son

I just wanted to use the opportunity of my weekly TOTW to draw together these 3 tweets on an issue that raises quite a lot of emotions from those who do not know much about transgender issues. If you’re one of those people, then please take the time to check out these links and learn a little about the pressures that both the children and parents go through when a child grows up in the wrong body.

It’s not a fad. It’s not trendy. It’s real.