#TOTW from 16/03/15 “We must, and can, do much more to value HCAs and to invest in them”


Even though “It’s not just about bones,” this week I have retweeted a number of images for educational purposes, as they are interesting to look at and have been viewed a good number of times, so I will continue to do so!

However, I have still put out some of my “usual” tweets covering topics other than radiography. The one I have chosen for my #TOTW is:

“We must, and can, do much more to value and to invest in them” XRay HCAs are great!

Not a lot really needs to be said here, other than the work HCAs do is incredibly important, and the NHS would grind to halt without them. I know from my own experience in the X-ray department of my hospital that on days like to day, with another busy 12hr shift, it would be impossible to do the work we do without the support we get from our HCAs.

There’s no such thing as “I’m just an HCA!” HCAs are an integral part of the team. Simple as that.