#TOTW (x7) #BritishSignLanguage from @BritishSignBSL


I know its later than usual due to coming off 4 long shifts and being ever so slightly tired last night, but this week (well, last week really!) I want to highlight my daily retweets of @BritishSignBSL’s sign of the day. I’ve always wanted to learn some basics of BSL, as I feel that even if I know a few things, it might be able to help me if and when I have a patient that is deaf. I feel that it’s important to make an effort.

Here were all last week’s signs of the day:

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I realise that knowing these things are unlikely to be able to help me in an x-ray examination of a patient, but if I manage to learn just a few things along the way then hopefully one day it may come in handy. I’d love to have the time to do a course on BSL, but what with other uni commitments at the minute, then I think that will have to wait for another day. In the meantime I will continue to follow @BritishSignBSL and learn one sign a day!

Come on, follow @BritishSignBSL and like me enjoy learning!

Ben 🙂


#TOTW from 29-05-15 “Male Rape – Victims suffer. Survivors speak.”

Hey Folks!

The subject of this week’s #TOTW isn’t pretty, but then it can’t always be that way:

(1/2) Watch this short video to see how rape affects men as well as woman  Why abused men need the support to say ‘I’ve been raped’:

(2/2) Rape doesn’t just happen to women. Men, women, gay, str8, bi, trans -it affects everyone  ‘I was raped by another man. Now the state is cutting the one thing that saved my life’

I like to think that one of the purposes of my blog is to educate not only myself, but also you, the reader. I have known friends that have suffered male rape, and it’s not pretty. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it happens to both. You may not know about it, or even want to know about it, but the purpose of my tweets and this blog is just to put the message out there. You may or may not know people that have gone through this. It happens.

If you didn’t see or read my tweets earlier in the week, then please take just a few minutes to educate yourself such that you can be there for a friend or relative, should you even need to be. Hopefully it will be information that you never have to call upon.

Stay safe and be happy.