#SigningSaturday – the story so far…


…and so it began!

I can’t remember exactly how it all came about to be perfectly honest, other than it all started in November 2016 during one of my feature weeks, that of #EandDWeek (Equality & Diversity) when I was tweeting about deaf awareness. I came across the #getthenationsigning hashtag and decided to combine it with another passion of mine, that of #hellomynameis and do my bit! It wasn’t until Christmas, several weeks later that I decided to go public with another attempt at signing…

…and then along came New Year

It was after these few humble attempts at signing that I decided i’d like to create a regular slot and hence came the first #SigningSaturday thought i’d ask ‘how are you?

However, it was then time for my annual January holidays (in Tenerife), but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way…

I just had to say that ‘I’m learning BSL and ask what’s your name?

When the holiday was over, the signing continued with me attempting to learn at least one or two new signs each week, beginning with my attempt to introduce myself and say what I am (a radiographer – though i’d hope you all know that by now)…

…and then to ask ‘Can I help you?

…before needing to tell you that ‘I love giraffes!‘ (who doesn’t?!)

Then came the #hotfingers challenge and my attempt at signing the finger alphabet

…and finally, it was the weekend, I wasn’t working and it was time for me to relax..


And there you have it #SigningSaturday – the story so far!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my attempts/efforts call them what you will…but please be polite! 🙂 I’m planning to keep this up as I continue to teach myself how to sign – with the help of an online course from @BritishSignBSL and their online dictionary as well as other online resources and the creator of the #getthenationsigning hashtag @RebeccaCrossle2.

So come on fellow radiographers, nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, health care assistants and all the other wonderful people I work with, give it a go and lets all help to #getthenationsigning!

Bye for now!

Ben 🙂



#TOTW from 10-12-16 ‘#StandUpSpeakOut’


I realise my #TOTW hasn’t been as regular a slot as it used to be of late, and i’m not sure if it will survive into the new year, but we’ll see! In the meantime however, I’d like to draw attention once again to the following tweet from last week:

“Local steps make global movements.” Will you stand up for someone’s rights today?


Don’t stand by while haters drive wedges of hostility between communities – build bridges. #StandUp4HumanRights on #HumanRightsDay

Now it seems to be that every day is a special day of some sort, whether it be an awareness day, a celebrate this day, or a remember this day…day! However, the other day was #HumanRightsDay, and as a lot of the things I tweet about relate in most part to peoples’ human rights I just wanted to flag up the day and what can be done to help others who need people to #StandUpSpeakOut on their behalf. You don’t have to be a member of a particular group of people that are being abused or oppressed in order to speak out on their behalf. If you feel strongly enough that the way people are being treated because of their race, religion, sexuality, disability etc is wrong, then just do it – speak out and highlight their plight to others. Help educate those who for some reason or another have an opinion that is not based on fact, and who just speak before considering the consequences of what they say or do.

It is all our responsibility to speak out for those who are discriminated against because they are considered different to the “norm.” When people don’t understand something, or someone, they have a choice. They can either educate themselves and learn to accept and get along with others who are different to them, or they can continue to discriminate against them.

Make it your goal to help educate others so that we can learn to get along in this World.

What do you say? Give it a go?

Go on…


#TOTW (x 15) #EandDWeek – Spotlight on Equality & Diversity


Well another week goes by and yet another feature week draws to a close. I have recently taken responsibility for equality and diversity (E&D) in our department at work and have also joined ‘Equalise’ – the Society and College of Radiographers group that oversees matters relating to E&D. I have always had an interest in such matters, but only more recently decided to take an active role in educating myself – and hopefully others on E&D. As my regular followers amongst you will know, I frequently post on LGBTI+ matters, but in this feature week I wanted to cover other areas including disability and deaf awareness. Now I could have a feature week for each of the areas – age, race, religion, disability, LGBTI+ etc and maybe at some point in the future I will. However, the purpose of this week was to shine a light on E&D and hopefully provide some interesting links for people to read. I hope I have succeeded!

As per at the end of a feature week, below is all the content relating to the feature – that being #EandDWeek with the focus of matters relating to equality and diversity:

  • The law as it stands expects a gay man to refrain from sex for a year before being allowed to donate blood. #Equality? 👎 #EandDWeek #LGBTI+ Huge thanks to @Mike_Fabricant for raising the “madness” that gay men cannot donate blood without 12 months celibacy in the House of Commons
  • To abuse a person due to their race, colour, religion or sexuality is a #HateCrime. Simple as that 😔 #NoPlaceForHate #EandDWeek @SCoRMembers It’s #HateCrimeAwarenessWeek. Find out more about #hatecrime and how to report it: https://www.gov.uk/report-hate-crime #NoPlaceForHate
  • (2/2) Covered this pm were possible motions for the Annual Delegates Conference next April. ADC here I come! 👍@SCoRMembers #EandDWeek
  • (1/2) @SCoRMembers #equalityanddiversity mtg over – a really interesting & productive one it was too! 👍Thanks to @peterhiggs5 #EandDWeek
  • Topics covered so far at the meeting include the @SCoRMembers transgender guide, FGM, & mgmt awareness of #equalityanddiversity #EandDWeek
  • Meeting of Equalise – the @SCoRMembers group looking at matters relating to #equalityanddiversity is now in session! 👍☺️ #EandDWeek
  • On a 🚄 waiting to depart at 0600hrs London-bound for a meeting on equality & diversity with fellow @SCoRMembers #BetterBeGood! 😂  #EandDWeek
  • Tomorrow brings a new feature week, focussing on matters relating to equality & diversity. It shall be known as #EandDWeek 👍@SCoRMembers


Until the next feature week then, please as ever…


Ben 🙂