#TOTW from 12-07-16 ‘Sex Ed in 2016 #SRE #LGBTI+ #EndTheSilence’


I think the tweet I have chosen for my #TOTW from last week seemed to slip under the radar and didn’t get noticed, so i’m putting it out there again with a bit of fanfare to hopefully get it a bit more attention!

“wholly unfit to prepare them for the realities of sex & relationships in 2016″ + ?

“Three-quarters of young people are not taught about sexual consent, while one in seven said they did not receive any sex and relationship education (SRE) at all, and 95% said they were not taught about LGBT relationships…and that where SRE is taught, young people said it was usually limited to biological topics such as reproduction, body parts and heterosexual sex.”

Now I know when I speak from personal experience we are going back to the late 80s but this was certainly the case for me. It was totally about heterosexual sex, and I don’t recall any discussion on sexuality, merely the mechanics of reproduction. It seems like things have improved since then, but from reading the article above it would appear that where it does take place, sex education still has a long way to go in schools to give children the information, reassurance and confidence they need:

  • Just 5% of young people who said they received SRE were taught about LGBT sex and relationships, while 97% believed it should be LGBT-inclusive.

The above findings form the report just go to show that young people want to learn more about sex and relationships and themselves believe that LGBT should be a part of that.

Seems pretty simple to me. It’s a matter of equality. Make it happen!


Ben 🙂