#TOTW from 17-11-15 ‘Three people have been convicted of FGM in a landmark trial in Australia’


Well for starters the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the new header image! It is an extract from a textbook I found lying around in an orthopaedic theatre a while back, and it still brings a smile to my face every time I see it!

As for this week’s #TOTW i’m going to use it to highlight the issue of FGM – female genital mutilation:

‘Three people have been convicted of in a landmark trial in Australia’

This week saw the end of a trial in Australia that lasted over 2 months, whereby a mother along with 2 others were found guilty of having carried out FGM. The above link provides an interesting summary of the case and is worth taking a look at if you’re at all concerned about FGM and its continued practice in places all around the world. I also tweeted this week about another FGM piece in The Guardian – again, well worth a read:

Really interesting piece on efforts to get the community in Columbia to and to

I won’t say I hope you enjoy reading them, as they aren’t the kind of articles you “enjoy” reading per se. However, they are most certainly interesting, informative and educational.