#TOTW from 17-11-16: ‘#TellItRight Start it Right’


I think this one got lost amongst the others last week, and it’s an important message so for my #TOTW i’m putting it out there once more to give people another chance to see it:

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“Prospective parents have reported feeling pressurised into a termination when being given a very pessimistic view of the life chances of someone with Down’s syndrome.”

Please, as ever…#ReadLearnShare!



#TOTW from 24-02-15 – ‘Children see a person not a disability’

Well, as I said the other week, i’m trying to tweet less and pick out the more interesting stories, articles snippets etc from the news. Less is more me thinks! As for this week’s #TOTW I have chosen a story that I feel is worth a further airing and hopefully a wider audience:

PLEASE TAKE 5 TO READ this great blog from ‘Children see a person not a disability’

“But with children it is different. There is a beautiful innocence through the eyes of a child. They see a person, not a syndrome,” says Caroline White, mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome. This is a beautiful piece about disability and how we, as adults have pre-conceived ideas and labels that children simply do not have.

Just 5 minutes of your time, and I would hope it puts a smile on your face and gets you to think about how you see and act around people with so-called “disabilities.”

Have a great week!