#TOTW (from 30-12-14) ‘Debbie Purdy: Right-to-die campaigner dies’

Welcome to 2015 and my weekly slot #TOTW (Tweet Of The Week), for which this week I have chosen the news of the death of Debbie Purdy, a campaigner for the right of people to decide when they wish to end their lives, and for greater protection for those involved in assisting such deaths:

dies after refusing food. How is this in a “civilised” society?

Also another tweet to an article that Debbie Purdy wrote shortly before her death:

called 4 more legal protection 2 support those who help in

I’m currently researching assisted suicide and euthanasia for a university assignment on the morality of one versus the other and whether either of them can be considered morally permissible. As such, I don’t want to write too much about the topics here in order that I can save it for my academic work. Suffice as to say that I find it totally abhorrent that someone should feel that their only option should they choose to end their own life is to starve themselves to death.

You may not agree with what Debbie Purdy was campaigning for, but I would like to think that in a civilised society (such as that we allegedly live in)  we can agree that if someone, who is of sound mind decides that they wish to choose the timing of the ending of their life, then we should not force them to have to starve in order to achieve their desire i.e. that of a dignified and pain-free death. This is surely something that we can agree is what we would all desire when the time comes.