#TOTW from 24-11-15 ‘Terms of endearment’


How is everybody this week?

This week I decided to make use of the Twitter poll functionality and my #TOTW was:

Do you ever use such as “love” when talking with your patients?

This all came about following a piece I read on the Care Quality Commission website about the use of terms of endearment in a care setting. I have to say I was rather surprised and ever so slightly saddened by the results. Only 25% of those who took part said YES, they did use terms of endearment when talking with patients and the remaining 75% said NO. I was expecting it to be a much closer result than that. Now of course I don’t know the demographics of those who voted – age, gender, how long since qualified, country, county etc etc! This would maybe give me a greater insight into why the vote went the way it did. Now I’m a northern lad and am quite happy using terms like ‘love’ and ‘sweetheart,’ so it’s not something I think too much of. I have always used these terms when talking to some of my patients, and have never had one of them said they were offended or looked disapprovingly at me. I feel it’s all about making a patient feel comfortable and at ease in the time they are in my X-ray room, and if by using these small terms of endearment that eases there experience of hospital at a time when they may be feeling vulnerable then I make no apologies for using such language.

I would be interested to know if there has been any research to date in the field of radiology and the use of terms of endearment, but this is not something I have had the time to pursue lately. I think this is a topic that I will be returning to in the future when I have had the opportunity to have a look at what research is out there, but I just wanted to put my marker down, and say despite being in what would appear to be a minority, I shall continue to make appropriate use of such terms of endearment as I feel comfortable using, and my patients are happy to hear!

Goodnight loves!



#TOTW (x6!) “NHS Week”

Welcome to my first “feature week” on radiographerben!

You should all know by now the things I tweet about (The NHS, Dementia, Assisted Dying/Suicide, End of Life Care etc) so this week I decided to introduce a theme to provide a focus for my tweets – that being “#NHSWEEK.” This gave me the opportunity to share with you various websites, articles, documents etc that hopefully helped introduce you to some facts about the NHS that you didn’t know. So instead of 1 #TOTW, this week you get 6 for the price of 1:

1. Check out this amazing resource from on the timeline of the from 1942 to the present day

2. Check out this short video and read about the changes to how the is run since April 2015

3. *VIDEO* (<2mins) UK’s newest hospital set to open later in Glasgow

4. Have you ever heard of the ? Do you know what it says? Click on this link to check it out

5. Do you know who are? What they do? If not, checkout this short animation

6. Article from on next phase of reforms to way care to be provided

I hope that you managed to check out at least 1 or more of these during the week, but I thought it would be a good idea to collate them all here so that you can more easily see the topics that I covered, hopefully giving you a taste of the NHS and the massive organisation that it is. I had, and still have no intention to tweet about the politics of the NHS. That is not really what my blogging is about (on the whole!)

I certainly enjoyed putting together this new feature and the tweets therein, and I very much hope that those of you that take the time and make the effort to read my tweets and/or blog have also taken at least some pleasure from so doing!

Thank you, as always and I hope you enjoy the week ahead…”#SoRWEEK

That’s all folks!