#SigningSaturday – the story so far…


…and so it began!

I can’t remember exactly how it all came about to be perfectly honest, other than it all started in November 2016 during one of my feature weeks, that of #EandDWeek (Equality & Diversity) when I was tweeting about deaf awareness. I came across the #getthenationsigning hashtag and decided to combine it with another passion of mine, that of #hellomynameis and do my bit! It wasn’t until Christmas, several weeks later that I decided to go public with another attempt at signing…

…and then along came New Year

It was after these few humble attempts at signing that I decided i’d like to create a regular slot and hence came the first #SigningSaturday thought i’d ask ‘how are you?

However, it was then time for my annual January holidays (in Tenerife), but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way…

I just had to say that ‘I’m learning BSL and ask what’s your name?

When the holiday was over, the signing continued with me attempting to learn at least one or two new signs each week, beginning with my attempt to introduce myself and say what I am (a radiographer – though i’d hope you all know that by now)…

…and then to ask ‘Can I help you?

…before needing to tell you that ‘I love giraffes!‘ (who doesn’t?!)

Then came the #hotfingers challenge and my attempt at signing the finger alphabet

…and finally, it was the weekend, I wasn’t working and it was time for me to relax..


And there you have it #SigningSaturday – the story so far!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my attempts/efforts call them what you will…but please be polite! 🙂 I’m planning to keep this up as I continue to teach myself how to sign – with the help of an online course from @BritishSignBSL and their online dictionary as well as other online resources and the creator of the #getthenationsigning hashtag @RebeccaCrossle2.

So come on fellow radiographers, nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, health care assistants and all the other wonderful people I work with, give it a go and lets all help to #getthenationsigning!

Bye for now!

Ben 🙂



#TOTM from 12-01-16: ‘Ok, so it’s an ad for Samsung…’

Hey, hey, hey!

Long time no blog, I know! I’ve been away on me holidays and busy with an assignment for my postgrad, but I thought I should kick things off with a #TOTM for January:

A great demonstration of how learning a little sign language can make a big difference.

It’s a retweet of a tweet from @BritishSignBSL and I just think it’s a great ad. So, no i’m not advocating or endorsing the use of Samsung products, but I am praising Samsung for an ad that will hopefully make you smile – or even cry, as it did me! As it says when you click on the link, it’s not British sign language, but you get the message – hopefully! Now it’s only a few minutes, so please click on the link and watch the video – if you haven’t already seen it that is!

Once i’ve got my postgrad out the way in a few months time i’m going to be “signing” (pun intended!) up to British Sign Language’s online ‘Introducing BSL‘ course:


Learning some BSL is something that i’ve wanted to do for many years now and I figure it’s time I pull my finger out and start using it to communicate – in an appropriate manner naturally!

Have a look and maybe sign-up yourself!

It’s good to be back – I hope you agree!

Ben 🙂