#TOTW from 20-11-16 ‘#BodyImage – #BeReal’


It affects everyone – all ages, both sexes – and starts young.

My #TOTW for this week relates to the issue of #BodyImage and the #BeReal campaign to raise awareness about it:

“…It affects everyone – all ages, both sexes…” I’ve only heard ads talking about girls though 😔 @BeReal_Campaign http://www.berealcampaign.co.uk/the-campaign.html

Why is it then that all I have heard on the radio are ads talking about how difficult it is for girls with all the messages they are bombarded with from the media and advertising? Now admittedly these are ads from just one of the contributors to the campaign, but they are from the founding partner, and so I would have hoped that their ads would be more inclusive and a more accurate reflection of the BeReal campaign itself. As it says in the above quote form the BeReal website, the campaign talks about how both sexes are affected by issue relating to body image. Why is it then that the ads going out from the founding partner appear to be favouring the impact on girls rather than boys? Surely this is projecting the wrong image and is negating any good that the campaign may be doing by highlighting the issue? Don’t get me wrong, what the campaign is trying to highlight is great, but unless I have managed to miss any ads from this founding partner that direct the message toward boys as well as girls, then I feel the BeReal campaign may itself be sending out the wrong message about #BodyImage.

Until next time, as ever, please #ReadLearnShare!