#TOTW from 15-03-16 “We’re culturally squeamish about death”

Hey Folks!

That time of the week again…and a happy anniversary to me, or so WordPress just tells me! I’ve been doing this whole blog thing for 2 years now apparently!

So this week I decided to choose a topic that I have tweeted about many times since I started on Twitter, but not so much of late, and so my #TOTW is:

“We’re culturally squeamish about death”

“The term “a good death” is a highly optimistic one, and hard to achieve at the best of times; but being shunted into a hospital to die alone instead of in the place you have come to call home seems like the opposite.”

In this piece, Archie Bland writes about our feelings and outlook on death following a recent BMA report on end-of-life care, in which it found that although the UK is seen as having a high standard of end-of-life care, there is still plenty more that doctors could do to make it even better. Death isn’t something most of us feel comfortable talking about, but the more we can have such awkward conversations about what we want to happen to us when the time comes, the better.