#TOTW (from: 29-09-14) ‘Elderly patients denied the right care, surgeons warn’

Back to one of my most favoured topics this week – care of the elderly – with this #TOTW:

Elderly patients denied the right care, surgeons warn

A poll by the Royal College of Surgeons that found many of it’s members believe the care given to the elderly after discharge from hospital is inadequate:

“Clare Marx, the President of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) said too many frail and confused elderly patients were being left bewildered by equipment they did not know how to use, and lists of telephone numbers to organise their own help. She said the failings appear to be fuelling soaring levels of patients being readmitted to hospital as an emergency case.”

“There is a lot of confusion, often with older people, and those with dementia, if they don’t have someone to advocate for them and make sure they get the care they need,” she said.

Clearly if this is the case then it is completely unacceptable. More support needs to be put in place for those that don’t have friends or family around to be able to help out. Surely this is where we would see benefits from the proposals to combine health and social care?!

Joined-up thinking…or simply common sense?!

Let me know what you think!


#TOTW (from: 24-09-14) ‘Just what is ageing and how can we change it?’

This week I return to a topic that threads it’s way through most of my tweets in some way shape or form – ageing. I happened across this new website for starters – ‘The Conversation’- and an interesting article by a guy called Joao Pedro de Magalhaes.

So this week’s #TOTW is:

‘Just what is #ageing and how can we change it? @ConversationUK #JoaoPedrodeMagalhaes http://theconversation.com/ageing-isnt-fixed-we-can-manipulate-it-to-live-longer-31808 …’

He talks about the different stages of ageing and how we are manipulating the process to increase longevity.

Well worth a read…and a watch of the short (5 mins) video!