#SigningSaturday 12-08-17


#SigningSaturday yet again! This week I bought a new πŸš—. His name is Max πŸ€— It’s #Fun2Sign so let’s #GetTheNationSigning @SCoRMembers @WeAHPs

Happy motoring for me! 


Ben ☺️

2 thoughts on “#SigningSaturday 12-08-17

  1. Hey Ben! I love that you do these videos. I want to follow along but I’m not sure how to match what you are signing to what is being said. (Does that make sense?) Can you help me understand how to get the most of of the signing videos? I’m eager to learn. thanks!


    • Hi Kate! Well, thanks for watching them for starters! πŸ‘ Is it the signs you aren’t understanding? With sign language you don’t sign every word like you would say in spoken language, so maybe that’s not helping you’re understanding, I don’t know πŸ˜• I usually put what I’m signing in the post along with the video so you can see the key words that I am going to sign in the video ☺️


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