#TOTW from 06-07-16 ‘#bullying on clinical placement’


Another week, another #TOTW! This time i’d like to take the opportunity to re-highlight the issue of students being bullied whilst on clinical placement and so I chose:

“More than 60% of students feel they have been subjected to whilst on clinical placement,” 😦  

Any percentage of students feeling that they have been bullied whilst on clinical placement is not acceptable, but to hear that more than 60% of students asked felt they had experienced bullying whilst they were attending clinical practice is a terrible reflection on the radiography workforce. It makes me angry to think that there are radiographers out there who have forgotten what it’s like to be a student, and that they themselves were once a student and as such should no better!

Bullying in all forms is not acceptable. Simple as that. I ask my fellow radiographers to click on the link above and read the report, as well as the guidelines on bullying and harassment that are available to members of the Society.

It is our responsibility to give students the best possible experience they can possibly have so that they enjoy their time on clinical placement and in the future, once qualified, do the same for the next generation after them!

Please #ReadLearnShare.

Ben 🙂


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