The #HASBME16 Conference. My Reflections

Another interesting blog from Janice St.John-Matthews that is rather topical post-Brexit. I’d never really thought of the Irish as coming under the banner of BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) population.

Well worth a read and a share to spread the message as far as possible.

Ben 🙂


Earlier in the academic year I noticed a poster outside the UWE Glenside campus calling BME students to participate in a survey about their experiences at the University. Normally I would have walked past this without a second glance but a phrase at the bottom caught my eye “White other i.e. Polish, Irish”.  At the time I felt annoyed that someone would list Irish in this context.  After all I would never place myself in the BME category.  Those who read my blog will know I already have enough “labels” and do not need any more added to the list!

In the months after this “incident” I started to speak to the Irish students on the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy programmes about being listed as BME.  Historically Irish students have come to the UK to train as radiographers and most of you reading this blog will know an Irish healthcare…

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