5 Great tips for new ‘rad grads’ (from someone who knows!)

New rads…and maybe even not so new rads – check out these tips! It’s that time of year we want to be thinking of tips to pass on to the newbies…the things you can’t pick up from a textbook! đź‘Ť

salford radiography

Bozz Bozz: Graduated 2012 and now a reporting Senior Radiographer: see what you too can achieve

Baruch Videan, Senior Radiographer from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust graduated from the University of Salford  BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Imaging programme in 2012. Here, reflecting on his own experience, he offers 5 handy tips to our new graduates

Congratulations! Now you’re qualified. All those assignments and assessments are behind you and you are actually going to be paid to do the job! You’ve landed your dream job, or even one just to pay the bills until those lottery numbers come good. You’ve ironed your new uniform and are going to step through the doorway into your new career. There are so many pieces of advice you could be given that might help, but here are a few to keep you going (please note I didn’t say mine would be helpful, just that they…

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