#TOTW from 08-06-16 ‘Addiction – is it a disease?’


Well, what a great week this has been. #UKRC2016 was brilliant. Not just just an opportunity to meet up with fellow #SoMe types, but also it got me re-enthused about the possibilities for future research in radiography. There will be a blog to follow in the next week or so on that matter!

As for this week, i’ve already blogged about #UKRC2016 which was my highlight, but there was a tweet that I think didn’t get seen by many and i’d like to give it another chance, so my #TOTW is :

“the disease label continues to simplify our conceptualization of an extremely messy issue.”  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/07/addiction-not-disease-science-stigma

I don’t know enough about the subject to give a reasoned opinion, but by sharing this again I hope that more people will get to read it and gain a greater understanding about addiction.

Over to you!


Ben 🙂



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