#TOTW from 31-03-16 ‘Domestic abuse/#CoercionandControl’

Evenin’ all!

This week I wanted to shed the spotlight once again on the topic of domestic violence, and so my #TOTW is:

Could this storyline help those suffering ?

I’m not an avid listener of The Archers, yet am aware that they are currently tackling the very serious issue of domestic violence, domestic abuse or coercion and control – just a few of the many terms used. Domestic abuse is not just about physical violence against a partner. It can also come in the form of sexual, psychological (verbal/emotional), financial or even religious/spiritual abuse. I knew next to nothing about the subject, other what i’ve seen on the news/read in the papers, until I had the opportunity last year to attend a one-day course on the subject through my work as a radiographer. I felt that having seen the result of such physical abuse in the course of my job, it would be good if I knew at least a little about how it comes about.

Do you know anything about domestic abuse, how it happens, or how it is that people stay with their abusive partners for so long? Would you know how to help a friend if they came to you and said they were a victim of domestic abuse? As I found out from just a one-day course, it doesn’t take much to equip yourself with some basic knowledge. It’s interesting, albeit upsetting, and who knows, even if you don’t need the knowledge personally in some way, you may be able to pass on some information that may be able to help someone find their way out of an abusive relationship.

As I said to a friend of mine just earlier today, it’s all about sharing and learning.

Stay safe and be happy folks…



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