#TOTW from 16-02-16 “People don’t understand that mental is physical”

Hey folks!

Slightly earlier than usual this week as i’m on nights – again – from tonight! I’ve covered quite a wide range of topics this last week, including FGM, CFS, sepsis, transgender and cancer. However, I have decided to use my #TOTW to highlight mental health:

“People don’t understand that mental is physical”

If you didn’t see my tweet or catch the interview on BBC Breakfast, then take a quick look now – it’s only a short clip, but Ruby Wax hits the nail on the head when she says that, “People don’t understand that mental is physical.” I’ve tweeted about mental health so many times since I began started using #SoMe, and although undoubtedly things are improving in terms of getting the message out there, it still remains that on the whole we are far more accepting of someone with their arm or leg in plaster than we are of someone whose mental health is “broken.”

What can we do to change this? We can continue to talk about it! We can talk amongst our friends, and we can – as I do – reach out to a wider circle of friends and associates by use of social media and any other ways in which we can try and redress the imbalance between how we view physical and mental health. They are one and the same, so let’s start treating them as such.

As always, thanks for listening…those few of you that do!

Ben 🙂


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