#TOTW from 14-10-15 ‘Experience: I am in constant pain’ – Fibromyalgia


How does this time of the week come around so quickly?! This week I have chosen a topic that many people will probably not have heard of before, so my #TOTW is:

People that suffer from don’t necessarily look ill, that doesn’t mean they aren’t though!

If you have heard of the condition before then great, if not please take the time to have a quick look at this link and see if you can learn a little bit about how much people can suffer from something that is not always visible to the outside world. This is in some way similar to people that have mental health issues to endure. Just because an illness is not visible, or on display to the outside world does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Just because someone doesn’t have an arm in a sling or a leg in plaster, isn’t to say that they cannot be suffering. Please think about that in future before suggesting that someone is “trying it on” or is making things up.

If just one person that didn’t previously know what fibromyalgia is clicks on the link above and gains a greater understanding of those who are affected by it, then the time it has take me to throw together this quick blog entry will have been time well spent. Of course if you wish to learn even more about fibromyalgia, or FM as it is commonly referred to then you could always take a look at the link below too:


Thanks for taking the time to get this far; I hope you’ve learned something!


Ben 🙂


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