#TOTM from 02-08-15 ‘Radiographers and #SoMe’

Here we are again folks!

I’m on holiday in Edinburgh for a few days, so it’s a very short #TOTM this time round! I’ve had a trawl through my tweets from August and decided this one to be my favourite!

#TOTW (x3) Radiographers and #SoMe | radiographerben


For me it just sums up the current buzz around the use of #SoMe by radiographers and other allied health professionals. This year has seen an explosion in it’s use, with exciting developments such as the introduction of #MedRadJClub, a truly international online journal club for radiographers.

Oh well, it’s time to head off to Harvey Nicks for a cocktail. I’m a firm believer in the importance of quality downtime when off duty!




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