#TOTW (x3) Radiographers and #SoMe


This week I couldn’t decide on one specific #TOTW so have selected 3:

#TipsForNewRads – 10 things to know for theatre radiography

Using Social Media to Effectively Publish Radiography Evidence Based Practice

Calling all “newbie” radiographers! Check out from radiographers all over the world!

Now ok, so I know one one of them is my own, but i’m not just blowing my own trumpet here, its all the other trumpets that are out there at the minute too – thats my point! This week has been great to show the power and ability of #SoMe, not only to connect radiographers all over the globe, but to disseminate education, training, and tips amongst ourselves and the next generation of rads!

The links above are self-explanatory and appear to have been gone down well. It goes to show that there are plenty of us #TweetingRads out there already – a number that is growing by the day! If we can engage the current crop of student radiographers and get them enthused enough to use #SoMe during their training, then hopefully they will carry this through to when they qualify. I’m still a relative “newbie” to radiography myself, only having qualified 3 years ago. However, I feel that i’ve already picked up enough along the way, both in training and since qualifying, to start sharing what I think students need to know i.e. the stuff that I never saw in a textbook!

The more radiographers that take up the challenge to embrace #SoMe and the benefits it can bring to both personal and the collective CPD of our profession the better!

Lets’ see what this next week brings! That’s part of the excitement of it all, as you don’t know which tweets/updates are going to fly high or which fall flat!

Come on, ENGAGE!

Ben 🙂


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