#TOTW from 13-07-2015 ’15-year-old schoolboy develops test for Alzheimer’s’

Welcome All!

Here we are again in the regular Sunday night slot! It didn’t take much thought to pick this week’s #TOTW as I felt there was one stand-out story from the week:

15-year-old schoolboy develops test for ‘s How come this hasn’t been thought of before?!

Krtin Nithiyanandam told the Daily Telegraph:

The main benefits of my test are that it could be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms start to show by focusing on pathophysiological changes, some of which can occur a decade before symptoms are prevalent.

My question is…how on earth has it taken 15-year-old child to come up with something like this? Has it not been thought of at all before? It seems such a simple and obvious idea, and yet i’m sure the chemistry behind it is far from simple!

It’s all to do with antibodies, fluorescent nanoparticles, trojan horses and the blood-brain barrier. It’s great! Can you imagine the possibilities for the advancement of research – and maybe even one day, treatment – in this area if this idea can be developed and becomes a reality!?

Good on ya Master Krtin Nithiyanandam! Let’s hope he does go on to study medicine and pursue a career in the medical profession.

That is all!

Ben 🙂


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