#TOTW from 10-07-15 ‘Mrs Andrews’ story: Her failed care pathway’

Good evening folks!

The subject of this week’s #TOTW is a sad story (in the form of an animation) about an elderly lady that was admitted to hospital – unnecessarily – and who, because of the decisions taken about her care, was never able to return to her home. The video, which is less than 5 minutes long, speaks for itself:

This is of course not to say this happens all the time, but I would have thought it does happen. People are admitted to hospital unnecessarily and then find it hard to return to their own homes – in effect being “stuck” in the system that is there to try and help them. At the recent Patient Safety Congress in Birmingham, however, there was a talk related to ways this issue is being tackled by some organisations i.e. by taking the care to the patient in their own homes – an extension of the service provided by paramedics. So, as sad as Mrs Andrews’ story may be, there are ways in which this could be prevented if the right resources are put in place.

Oh well, until next time…

Ben 🙂


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