Ode to the Radiographer Blogger

Wow! Thank you so much for the mention! Check out this great blog (not just because it mentions me!) as it shows the growing use of Twitter/Social media by radiographers!


Last week @Agencynurse was collating a list of healthcare bloggers. It was one of those moments when I happened to pick up the tweet and was quick to reply to ensure radiography was represented in this list. So as a result of this tweet here are my top 4 radiography bloggers that I follow. No doubt there are others out there- please do let me know so I can add to the list.

Where it All Started. While I have been attributing my blogging ventures to the Happenista project before this rather large step I stumbled upon a blog by @radiographerben.  Yes I am involved with regular blogging as part of a level 2 undergraduate radiography module delivered here at UWE however this has a very academic tone and is only shared amongst a handful of learners. Consequently I started to explore if qualified radiographers blog and if they…

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