Facebook: open or closed?

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Word of Mouth Mammography e Network

I’m a member of a great Facebook group for radiographers. It boasts 4,224 members from around the world: a pretty impressive number. Many of my own clinical and academic colleagues and students are on there. The content is varied and can be very funny. Posts are rife with that radiographer black humour we used to share whilst standing around the processor; those 3 minute snatches of conversation afforded to us in the film processor days of the 80’s (showing my age now). With the advent of CR and, worse still DR, instantaneous imaging has resulted radiographers having to resort to on-line spaces to gossip. This Facebook group therefore fulfils all those desired qualities of an on-line community that Social Media purports to do.

Peachy… but there is a problem; it’s a ‘closed’ group. ‘Closed’ might suggest that any topic is ripe for discussion, and that posts will never be seen…

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