#Hashtags explained!

Afternoon all!

I have been lucky enough to gain many new followers on Twitter in recent weeks  – and even a few more for this blog too, so thought I would just give a quick refresh for those who already follow, and explanation to those who are new, of what my regular #’s are!

They are as follows:

#TTTTed Talk Tuesday – As the name suggests, a Ted Talk video every Tuesday. Sometimes this will be on a medically-related topic, and sometimes it won’t! Just depends on what is around at the time!

#14TWOne For The Weekend – A tweet that has nothing to do with matters medical or radiographical whatsoever! It’s meant for fun and could be anything that is happening in the news at the minute, big state occasions etc, a music video, photos, or whatever takes my fancy on a Friday night/Saturday morning when I usually post!

#TOTWTweet of the Week – Usually a tweet that I feel deserves another airing, either because it’s a topic that I feel strongly about, or one that I feel didn’t get the exposure it deserved at the time of tweeting.

#4PUFFour Previously Untweeted Favourites – Each week I favourite many tweets without retweeting them. On the last Sunday of each month I now retweet one favourite from each week of the month.

#TOTMTweet of the Month – From the end of this month I will choose one tweet that is my favourite from the past month. This may or may not be one of my #TOTW’s.

Hope this helps you all understand what my regular “slots” are and to continue to enjoy them!



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