#TOTW from 13-04-15 Fantastic wk1 ‘Exploring Anatomy: the Human Abdomen’

This week for my #TOTW I’m shamelessly going to plug (though not for financial reward I might add!) FutureLearn – a fantastic online resource (owned by The Open University) providing courses ***FREE*** in the form of MOOCs – Multiple Open Online Courses:

Fantastic wk1 ‘Exploring Anatomy: the Human Abdomen’ by

This past couple of weeks i’ve been refreshing my anatomical knowledge – and learning some new stuff – on the human abdomen, but there are so many different kinds of courses on a huge range of topics:


The course i’m currently doing is provided by the University of Leeds and lasts 3 weeks, taking up to 4hrs a week to complete. This depends on how much you get involved in the course with regards to the discussion boards and the amount of research you choose to do. As well as the basic information, there are advanced bits also if you choose to delve a little deeper. I am really enjoying this course and it has completely re-ignited my interest in anatomy.

I’ve previously studied with FutureLearn for courses to do with drug development and the brain. Check out the link above and see if you can find a course that might interest you!

Go on…give a go! Nothing to lose, and knowledge to gain!


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