#TOTW from 27-03-15 ‘Listen to Kate Granger talk about Compassionate Care and how she started the #hellomynameis campaign

Happy British Summer time!

I’m on nights from tonight, so this is very short and sweet!

I wanted to return to my roots and give you all another chance to see this tweet relating to Kate Granger and how she happened to start the #hellomynameis campaign:

Listen to talk about and how she started the campaign

It’s just over 30 minutes long, but well worth your time to watch. It’s certainly more informative and interesting than some of the things on the telebox that are 30 minutes long!



6 thoughts on “#TOTW from 27-03-15 ‘Listen to Kate Granger talk about Compassionate Care and how she started the #hellomynameis campaign

      • It really made me reflect on how we deliver care to patients and gave insight into how it might be to be a patient caught up in a hospital system. It is a slim volume and a quick read. I am planning to post a book review on my blog but my next review is going to be “Do No Harm” written by the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.
        Has your work place embraced the “Hello my name is”? It really took off with the junior doctors in our local acute hospital which was great to see!

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      • Yeah, i’ve heard of that book. I tweeted about him just this week as a matter of fact – on the issue of assisted suicide/dying. I’ll take a look at your review! I’ve seen his book in Waterstones before now and thought it looked like a possibility! As for my hospital, yes, it does support the ‘hellomynameis’ campaign. I’m actually in the process of designing a poster to go up in radiology waiting rooms about it! 🙂

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      • I need to look at his stuff on assisted dying, working in elderly care and while we still had Liverpool Care Pathway made this an area I got quite interested in.

        Great you are doing a poster in your area and hopefully getting some support in promoting “Hello my name is “. I used to think people wouldn’t be interested in knowing who I was, they wouldn’t be interested as long as I brought them their commode or whatever but I am rethinking that. TTS : )

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