#TOTW (from 18-12-14) ‘Amputees get new lease of life from pioneering prosthetics centre’

This week’s #TOTW comes 12hrs earlier than usual seeing as i’ll be at work this evening when i’d normally publish it. It’s a special offer this week 2-4-1, as I have tweeted twice about prosthetics, once just earlier this morning! As I find it a fascinating area of healthcare, and there appears to be lots of great work being done at the minute in the field of prosthetics, I just wanted to provide another opportunity to take a look at these links and give you the chance to learn more about what it is that is being done to help those who have lost limbs, whether it be in combat or through industrial accidents, or however.

‘Amputees get new lease of life from pioneering centre

“There’s nothing I can’t do,” says Carberry (a 47-year-old former forklift truck driver – who had his below-knee amputation in May 2013 after an industrial accident who wants to compete in a triathlon). “I run, I swim, jump over walls and take part in fitness challenges involving lifting tyres, because they have the specialist knowledge and staff here to make the tiny adjustments I need to keep my socket healthy.”


VIDEO: ‘Bespoke designed with motion capture’ 

Here, @BBCClick take a look at the work of The Royal British Legion’s Centre for Blast Injury Studies and how bone and muscle function can be monitored and used to design better prostheses for those in need of them.



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